So, yeah, I’ve been MIA…

I’ve said before that blogging is not my forte, but I am trying. I have been MIA for a while, but admittedly not due to my major suckage at blogging, but because I was finishing up some re-writes. I am thrilled to say…….

Indelible You (Imagine Ink 1) is going off to people better than me for some input (beta readers), then rewrites (me), then editing (not me), then repeat. I know that’s still a far cry from publishing, but it’s further (farther?) than I’ve been before. I want to write books and share the characters and their stories with people, but, I’m also a big fat chicken. League of Eternals, which is my (first for publishing) baby, is still just for me because I don’t have the guts to take it further.

BUT, I am getting better, so betas will see Indelible You this week. I’ll take their input in the spirit it was intended, to improve for future readers, and make my book better. Then I will give it to my editor and remind myself, her goal is to help, and I will NOT take it personal. Then, I will implement her changes and make my book EVEN better.

Then we will polish and publish.

I am so excited, but scared witless at the same time. I know what betas and editors tell you is to help and not hurt or insult, but it’s still scarey. I keep telling myself, “If she tells me something sucks, it’s because it sucks not because she hates me. And, if it sucks, it needs to come out.” To be honest, it still stings, but I am finally to a place as a writer aspiring to be published, that I know this sting will be less painful than the sting of readers when they feel gypped.

Not everyone will like what I write, and some of them will be very vocal about it. I have accepted that truth, but accepting it doesn’t mean I’m not going to flinch in anticipation.

Here is a draft of the cover though. (I think I shared it before, but once is never enough.)

DVLW-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)

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