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UPDATE on Book 4 – Gus & John’s story.

I am plugging away on their story and plan to release in February. I may be pushing that to March, but I promise, it’s coming. I will say, the cover photo is the bomb, and I can’t wait to show it to y’all.

In the meantime, meet, or revisit the guys & gals of

The Imagine Ink series centers around a small parlor in the Florida panhandle. Each book can be read as a stand alone, you won’t be lost if you skip one. However, you’ll have a richer experience by reading in order. There are Easter eggs and answers to curiosities popping up all the time.

There are currently 3 books available in the series.
Indelible You (Imagine Ink 1) and Irrevocably Mine (Imagine Ink 3), are available in e-books at most online retailers. Brand Me (Imagine Ink 2) is only available in e-book from Amazon until late December.
(It will be available on KU until then.)
If you’d like to snag a signed copy of any of these books, check out for details.

Newsletter Exclusive
November (JFF)
Just For Fun…& a prize

Share me or my books with friends…or strangers? Share my book link(s), or my social media link(s) to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. (With or without a picture or flattering comment.) Make sure to tag/@ me for it to count. Post must be public, and remain so until 11/30. You may enter once per platform, for 3 entries total. Enter before November 25th.
(If you mention you’re a subscriber, it will count toward FotM also.)

Use the links in this newsletter to connect with me & don’t forget to mention you’re a subscriber at least once, so I can keep count of your interactions for FotM.

FYI, any book you see here, is a personal choice I wanted to share with you.
No author has paid for me to recommend their book. In some cases, they don’t even know who I am.

Have you read Megan Matthews yet?
Well, you should.
Catch a sneak peak of her book RUSH in the Irrevocably Mine e-book.
Ooh, as I popped out to snag the cover and buy link for y’all, I noticed that right now,
No excuse not to check it out. You can read a great book for free, that’s a win-win.


I share a pretty amazing reader group with DP Payne & Gwyn McNamee.

If you like fun, giveaways, and occasionally inappropriate posts, join us.
I have to say, we have some pretty awesome members, and they make us smile daily.
So yeah, did I mention fun?
Then, join us.

 * * * * * * * * * *
Wordy, Nerdy, Tattooed, & Dirty

Do you love scavenger hunts at events?

Do you love winning even when you can’t make it to events?

Do you love free books and swag from amazing authors?

Join Christy Anderson, Kris Jayne, AM Johnson, Verlene Landon, Robin Lee, Megan Mathews, Gwyn McNamee, and DP Payne – the Wordy, Nerdy, Tattooed & Dirty Authors in EPIC giveaways on location at events and online.
This is NOT an active group, except during GIVEAWAY EVENTS, so no worries about jamming up your news feed. Our next scheduled event in LOVE and FIFTY in February.

Have you seen the Imagine Ink trailers?

BRAND ME trailer.

If you’ve been following, you’ll notice I added a sixth event to 2017.
Click on the event names for ticket and venue information.
I hope to meet all y’all soon.

February 10 – Sacramento, CA
April 8-9 – Mesquite, NV
July 1 – Los Angelas, CA
August 19 – Louisville, KY
October 7 – Milwakee, WI
October 14 – Columbus, OH
If you are attending Love and Fifty in February and love to get books at a discount, check out my pre-order. I am offering a discount price for paid pre-orders, yes, even off the already discounted event pricing.
Love and Fifty (Sacramento, CA – FEB 10) – Book Pre-Order


Fan of the Month
Tracy-Kelly Nault
(Facebook Name)
To claim your prize, message me from the account above within 72 hours of this newsletter time stamp. Include your subscriber e-mail, regular email (if different), and mailing address.
Thanks for being a loyal reader and a social media friend.September’s FotM prize – a $25 Amazon GC – was claimed.
FotM is chosen at random each month from a sampling of social media interactions. Elegibility is validated when prize is claimed. Prizes vary, but usually range between a twenty to thirty dollar value. Any FotM who validly claimed their prize, is entered into the Fan of the Year drawing. The prize pack for FotY will be valued over fifty dollars.
Just For Fun
Anita Carol Grambrell
She posted a picture with my book on her phone. To claim your prize, message me from the account you posted the picture on within 72 hours of this newsletter time stamp. Include your subscriber e-mail and regular email if different.
It was so much fun seeing all your pictures, thanks for playing.September’s JFF prize went unclaimed.JFF happens each month in the newsletter. Participants are asked to do something on social media to gain entries. Winner is chosen at random from valid enties. Elegibility is validated when prize is claimed. Prizes vary, but usually range between a two to ten dollar value.
*PLEASE NOTE: To claim a FotM, JFF, or any other newsletter exclusive giveaway win, you must be a subscriber at the time the contest and winner announcement newsletters were sent. I post the newsletters online once they are sent to subscribers. If you were selected, but not an active subscriber when the newsletters announcing the contest, and you as a winner were mailed, you may not claim your prize.

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