December Newsletter


Happy Holidays Vixens!

This is my last newsletter of the year, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.


We met 2 new Imagine Ink couples. (Love them tattooed men.)
I met some awesome folks at my very first signing. (So much fun.)
Y’all won a lot of books and prizes. (I mean A LOT.)

Met some amazing readers, authors, & models. (Yep, I fangirled.)


We will finish out the Imagine Ink series. (Bittersweet.)
I’ve committed to 6 events for 2017. (So much MORE fun.)
Y’all will win even more books & prizes. (I mean A LOT more.)

I hope to meet even more readers, authors, & models. (I’ll still be fangirling.)

If you haven’t met the men of Imagine Ink, why not curl up with them for the holidays?


Michelle Vandaley
@scottysmom2004 Twitter

You have 72 hours from this newsletter timestamp to contact me from your Twitter account, to claim your prize.

To enter this month’s Just for Fun, take a picture of one of my books in a holiday/winter setting. Be sure to @ or tag me for it to count. 1 entry per platform. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Post must be public. Enter before 12/25.


Margaret Stagg

You have 72 hours from this newsletter timestamp to contact me from your Facebook account, to claim your prize.

To be considered for FotM, simply interact with me online and be an active newsletter subscriber. That’s it. FotM is chosen at random. All FotM winners who claim their prizes are entered into FotY.

To be eligible for any Newsletter only prize, winner must be an active subscriber at the time the contest is announced in the newsletter and also at the time the prize is claimed.


Look at this FotY prize pack!
($80.00+ value)


Message me to claim your prize within 72 hours of this newsletter timestamp.

Things to know before 2017!

Starts December 13th, with tons of great prizes.
The prize for my page is a $5.00 Amazon gift card, why not start there?

Where to find me hanging out and telling inappropriate jokes next year.

If you plan on attending Love and Fifty, don’t forget to pre-order your books for an awesome discount!

Apologies for typos, poor word choice, and butchered grammar. I have an amazing editor for my books, but not for my newsletter.

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