League of Eternals is…

… outdated?
But, they aren’t even published yet. ROFLMAO
OMG, ok, so I decided to open up LoE today. (You know, that book series I initially wanted to start with as a writer but can’t let it into the world because it’s my baby.)
I had 1 and 1/3 stories in the series rough drafted as of, well, let’s not name years. I didn’t realize how long ago I finished book 1 until I got the bug up my ass to open the file.
Let’s just say the Sahara was still around the year I started Grant & Mac’s story and finished their rough draft shortly after the Sahara was no more.
(It’s mentioned in the first paragraph of the book and had an impact on a pivotal part of their history, so, um, yeah, rewrites will be needed for more reasons than my skill as a writer then.)
I just found it interesting and wanted to share.
If you are not familiar with LoE at all, they are eternal beings from different points in time who are currently living in Vegas kicking team evil’s ass, while making all the ladies…and some dudes, swoon. There’s a knight for the 1700s, a privateer from the 1800s, a cop from the 80s, a cowboy from the 90s, a male stripper from the 2000s, and a Fremont street celebrity impersonator from no one knows, who looks a hell of a lot like a murdered rapper. There are others, but we have to keep some things a secret.
Anyway, when I opened the file and was met with my partial character board, I just had to let y’all see it.
(The people in the pictures do not endorse me or even fucking know me. These are inspirational pics ONLY.)
Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.58.13 AM.png
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