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Whew, October!

October was so busy, I can’t share everything in the newsletter so I am making this post about signings so you can see some of the pics.

October 7 was Brew City Book Signing in Milwaukee, WI.

I hit up the Harley Museum the day before and meet some awesome authors and readers at the event. My room sucked, it had mold, but it couldn’t ruin my weekend.


October 14 was Arch City Book Signing in Columbus, OH.

WOW, such a good time. I got to hang with some of my favorite people and saw the best drag show ever!

October 21 was Desert & Wine with the author at Vegas Valley.

I got to sit and chat with an amazing woman over cupcakes and hear some interesting information from other authors.

October 28 was Love N Vegas, right here in my hometown.

What a way to close out my year of signings. This event was ah-mazing. I hope to get an invite in the future.

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I Got My Cherry Popped!

Wow! So if that title didn’t grab your attention… why are you following me?

I kept putting this post off waiting for the event pictures, but I have the patience of, well, something famous for not having any I guess. If you think of it, let me know.

Anyway, yes, cherry-popped. My book signing event cherry that is. At Authorpalooza earlier this month.

I was terrified going in. I didn’t have a clue what to expect or how to act. In case you didn’t know, I am wildly inappropriate and fantastically awkward. I have all the charm of a snot nosed kid eating boogers and offering the leftovers to everyone crossing my path.

It ended up being ah-mazing. I didn’t sell any books, but I met some awesome people. And fun, well, that was the theme apparently. And not just regular fun, but super-mega-awesome fun.


I learned a lot too.

  • DOWNSIZE – I hauled 4+ boxes. That will never work out of state.
  • UPSIZE – My smile was too small and RBF is not welcoming.
  • DICKSTRACTED – Yes, I can be and I NEED the shirt. (FMI see David Michael-Dick Dynasty)
  • BLACK ROBES & GAVELS –No matter what year & what changes in this world, some people will always judge romance/erotica authors harshly.
  • BABY FEVER – Didn’t catch it. Baby Payne was adorable beyond reason, because she was Baby Payne and not Baby Landon. (FMI see DP PAYNE-Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd)
  • AUTHOR RAINBOW – When you put children, political, ‘cleanly spicy’, erotica, SPN, mystery, gay rom, you name it, authors in the same room, you make a beautiful genre Benetton effect. (FMI & list of authors see the Authorpalooza by Eureka Casino FB page)
  • FIERCE & FABULOUS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT – F&F Lea went out of her way to make my first signing a great experience. (FMI see Fierce & Fabulous Book Diva)

Thank you Eureka Casino & Resort and David Michael – I can’t wait to do it again next year!







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