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The sign-ups (Cover Reveal, Release Blitz & Review) for Irrevocably Mine (Imagine Ink #3) is officially open!! Please help a gal out and sign-up to help spread the word about this ‪#‎HOT‬ cover/book coming your way! 🙂


REVIEW OPTION is available! Irrevocably Mine CAN be read as a STAND ALONE!! HTML and easy post will be provided. Please feel free to share to anyone/everyone! THANKS SO MUCH in advance!




Meet the guys & gals of Imagine Ink tattoo parlor.

The Imagine Ink series centers around a small parlor in the Florida panhandle. Each book can be read as a stand alone, you won’t be lost if you skip one. However, you’ll have a richer experience by reading in order. There are Easter eggs and answers to curiosities popping up all the time.


E-book is available from Amazon for under a dollar. (FREE to borrow for KU subscribers.) Paperback is also available from Createspace & Amazon for $10.99 or, grab a signed copy for only $12.99 from my website.


E-book is available from Amazon for $1.99. (FREE to borrow for KU subscribers.) Paperback is also available from Createspace & Amazon for $10.99 or, grab a signed copy for only $12.99 from my website.

(and a prize)

Just for fun, take a picture of one of my books or e-books on a table, by a pool, skydiving with Elvis or anything else you think is fun. Post it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Make sure to tag/@ me. Post before August 25th.
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To be in the running for FtoM, simply follow, friend, & interact with me on social media. The more interactions, the better your chances. And the prizes aren’t too shabby. Last months winner claimed this t-shirt for being FotM.

PSST, You will also be 1 of only 12 (or fewer) entrants in the FAN OF THE YEAR drawing for an awesome prize package. (This year it will be fewer as I want to have the drawing before winter holidays & didn’t start until late in the year.)

See, I told y’all there would be perks.



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It’s been a SQUEEEE month.

Great things are happening on the “I wanna be a published writer!” front.

First, my editor hooked me up with some beta readers and their feedback was invaluable. (Thanks Jenn at Twitching Pen!) I was terrified to say the least. It was the first time I sent my work to strangers. Sure, my family and friends told me it was great, but heck, they like me and wouldn’t want to hurt my feeling. I knew that if I pursued my dream, I would have to let people read my work, knowing that didn’t make it any easier, but I did what I had to do. It was necesscary.

nec • es • scar • y



  1. required to be done to achieve goal, but scary as all hell

I took their (the betas) advice, reworked some stuff and finally sent it to my editor for round one. Boy, does she have her work cut out for her. You’d think English is my second language with how well I form sentences and paragraphs. I said this to a friend and he pointed out that English is in fact my second language as I was raised speaking southern. So yes, anyone who speaks southern with the conviction I do can make people believe it is an entire different language. (Thanks Mark! lol)

On top of that, I have also obtained exclusive book cover rights to an AMAZING image. It is so hot, I need a smoke after I look at it. Let me just say that the photographer has been AWESOME. He worked with me to get and afford the image, and answered all my ignorant questions about picture rights and book covers. He went above and beyond to help someone he didn’t know and it humbled me. (And he captures indescribable moments with a camera.) I don’t know which book it will appear on as of yet, but it will be soon. (Thanks Michael Meadows!)

I also bought another book cover from SelPubBookCovers for the second Imagine Ink book because I wanted the same feel as the first. (Same designer and time frame.) So FYI, I am already working on Tori’s story. Working title is Brand Me. Now, I just need ravenandblack to put up one for #3 soon, so they all have the same vibe.

Like I said great things are happening. I also want to point out that I have been so fortunate with the people I have meet on this journey. I was terrified at first and had zero connections in the writing world. I had joined a few Facebook groups and what not but had no real allies. I had heard some horrible things from and about independent authors and the self publishing world in general. Mostly about people that are so elitist and downright bitchy and catty that they get together and bash anyone outside of their click. They don’t like new authors and go out of their way to attack them. I was so afraid I would run into these types of people, and I may have brushed past them on my way to better things, but that’s it. The people that I have found have been ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY amazing. They have not pushed me down at all but built me up. They have helped me in ways that were beyond my expectations, truly wanting me to succeed. To those people, I want to say thank you. You have helped me get to this point, and I will never forget your kindness.

So, yeah, I think that’s it. Oh, wait, on the non writing front, I won tickets to see Three Dog Night from Palm Springs Live and it was AWESOME. It was a small intimate show and they hit it out of the park. My daughter started high school, and my son is registered for college classes. Crowley (yes, the king of hell), or Hodor, haven’t decided yet, a freaking adorable merle great dane will be joining out brood toward the end of September when he is 8 weeks old. (No, we will not be getting his ears clipped or breeding him, he’ll just be a very large addition to our family.) And I finally got to chat with my sister after an extended period of life getting away with us.

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So, yeah, I’ve been MIA…

I’ve said before that blogging is not my forte, but I am trying. I have been MIA for a while, but admittedly not due to my major suckage at blogging, but because I was finishing up some re-writes. I am thrilled to say…….

Indelible You (Imagine Ink 1) is going off to people better than me for some input (beta readers), then rewrites (me), then editing (not me), then repeat. I know that’s still a far cry from publishing, but it’s further (farther?) than I’ve been before. I want to write books and share the characters and their stories with people, but, I’m also a big fat chicken. League of Eternals, which is my (first for publishing) baby, is still just for me because I don’t have the guts to take it further.

BUT, I am getting better, so betas will see Indelible You this week. I’ll take their input in the spirit it was intended, to improve for future readers, and make my book better. Then I will give it to my editor and remind myself, her goal is to help, and I will NOT take it personal. Then, I will implement her changes and make my book EVEN better.

Then we will polish and publish.

I am so excited, but scared witless at the same time. I know what betas and editors tell you is to help and not hurt or insult, but it’s still scarey. I keep telling myself, “If she tells me something sucks, it’s because it sucks not because she hates me. And, if it sucks, it needs to come out.” To be honest, it still stings, but I am finally to a place as a writer aspiring to be published, that I know this sting will be less painful than the sting of readers when they feel gypped.

Not everyone will like what I write, and some of them will be very vocal about it. I have accepted that truth, but accepting it doesn’t mean I’m not going to flinch in anticipation.

Here is a draft of the cover though. (I think I shared it before, but once is never enough.)

DVLW-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)

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F*ck Rumpled

Fuck rumpled.

Go on, clear the room and say it out loud. I’ll wait.

Now this time, don’t just say it, chew on it a bit. Good. Try lowering your register and maybe add a little husky breathlessness to it.

Yep, just like that.

Delicious isn’t it? It feels good to say and to hear.

Two words, and I wrote 70K+ words around it.

Ok, wait. That’s misleading. Not ‘around’ it per say, but it is the phrase that popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. It kept echoing through my mind, over and over and after saying it out loud more times than I counted, the voice that finally whispered it in my head wasn’t my own, but that of a smoking hot 200 year old pirate with a sex on a stick voice like that of Drogo.

That’s when Grant introduced himself to me, told me his story, and League of Eternals was born. If I’m lucky, I’ll have it published by summer.

I understand a lot of writers use outlines and have the story pretty much played out on index cards, but not me. I even tried it once and it just didn’t work out. What I wrote was shit because it felt forced to follow that guide. Like writing a poem and forsaking the poetry for the rhyme. (I totally do that.) I build my stories out of one scene and sometimes one sentence or phrase that just comes to me. As soon as I give it some thought, meditate on it a bit, the character(s) make themselves known and start telling me their tales. I know where the story starts, key points and where it ends, but it develops the details as I translate what the characters have to say to book structured words. Fluid. Nothing is set in stone except the foundation and frame. The bones of the story are theirs but they give me carte blanche to flesh it out my way. As long as they are happy with the outcome, they just change the cosmetics and not take a wrecking ball to the whole damn thing.

Currently I am working on a story built around my h sitting in a small boat and licking the tattoo on the back of the H’s neck, and the follow up story to that built around a YouTube beach baby announcement video. (Not a happy occasion for the h of that story.)

So yeah, that’s how my faulty mind works. It’s never been something I’ve embraced before, but when I finally did, I saw the path to my dream of becoming a published writer open up just a little.

No fucking way was she going to wear any man’s clothes but his. Although naked is always the best option. If he wasn’t sure about Carter’s bloody dismemberment before, he damn sure was now. How many times would he have to have her to rid her of Carter’s scent? Taking her. That thought started to consume him. Her body, naked. Sweaty. Tangled in fuck rumpled sheets and all his. Shaking his head to dislodge those images before he tossed her over his shoulder and made them a reality, he looked to her, knowing that his Egy would ground him. A genuine soul mate was the only thing that could bring a warrior down from battle lust and keep him centered. It was part of the magic that made a Legacy and by default, The League stronger.

(draft excerpt-LoE1-unedited)

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Not Much of a Blogger

I know, you’re shocked, right?


Yeah, me neither. It’s painfully obvious that blogging is not my thing, but creating is. Hopefully, creating good books that people will want to read will be too.

Finally, after a healthy measure of procrastinating and a whole lot of getting sidetrack……hey, look, Facebook.

Wait. What?

Where was I?

Oh, right, getting sidetracked, I’ve finished League of Eternals 1. Getting some amateur edits right now, then off to a professional. Because, let’s be honest, I have characters telling me their amazing tales and I can write those down, but when it comes to the basic rules of my first and only language, I am severely lacking.

So, as soon as it’s is polished and worth sharing, I will publish. Since I will be self publishing while possibly shopping for a traditional publishing house, I need to learn the finer points of social media.

(Ah, now, the blogging makes sense.)

I will try my best to post updates more often than a blue moon, but as long as there are books to read, wine to drink, memes to share and funny animal pictures on the Internet, I promise nothing.

(1 duplicate to tumblr-testing)

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