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Some Things I Learned In 2 Weeks

Let me start off by stating, I am 45 years old. At this age, I tend to learn things at a slower rate. (insert joke about slowing with age here)

Not because I can’t learn things quickly, but rather, there are fewer things I encounter that I do not already have at least a cursory knowledge of, or aware of its existence. No, I’m not a know it all by any means. And yes, there are millions upon millions of things I know nothing about, but I don’t have the opportunity to run into them in my everyday routine.

So, with that in mind, what is the best way to learn new things? Why, try something new of course, break the routine.

I did just that a few weeks ago when I published my debut novel. (Which is available NOW at most online retailers. Links at the bottom.) And let me tell you, I probably learned more in the last two weeks than in the last decade. Here’s a short list, just so I don’t forget before my aged mind slows to turtle crossing a country road through the kudzu speed. LOL

  • Writing a book is hard work, but it turns out, it’s one of the easier parts of this whole process.
  • No matter how thick I believed my skin to be, it’s not impenetrable.
  • Giving my first phone interview turned me into a putz with a temporary speech impediment and sudden onset Tourette symptoms.
  • Selling myself, not in a Pretty Woman kind of way, is difficult. I mean, catching feathers in a tornado kind of difficult.
  • No matter how ‘small potatoes’ me or my book may be, pirates are pirates are pirates. 3 days before it was pirated. 3 fucking days.
  • In those 3 days, on just 1 pirate ship (site) at least 10 people a day sucked at being decent humans.
  • I say fuck – A LOT!
  • The people I have at my side are as important as the words I put on the pages.
  • I have some pretty amazing friends and family. Because some lie to protect my feelings and some don’t. It’s balance.
  • Just as there are some shitty people out there, there are some fanfuckingtastic ones too.
  • Not all bad reviews are bad. Some are good because I have already learned from them and it is reflected in my next book.
  • Some bad reviews are just that, bad. They offer nothing that is helpful to either writer or potential readers. Those suck.
  • Did I mention my skin?
  • Stars (1 or 5) without words are like shows that get cancelled mid-season. I’ll never fucking know and that kills me. (Note to self, go to Goodreads account and add comments to the many stars only reviews I have left for others, because now I know how it feels.)
  • ┬áReaders and followers are worth their weight in gold.
  • I now know what a strawberry cheesecake is, but really wish I didn’t.
  • The good outweighs the bad as long as I take my thumb off the scale. It really is a conscious choice.
  • There are people in the indie writer community (including bloggers, readers, photographers, designers, etc) that genuinely want to help others succeed. (But, there are also the opposites.)
  • Just because I can do things myself, doesn’t always mean I should.
  • And, just because I can’t do some things myself, doesn’t mean I can’t learn to.
  • Some investments are mandatory. (editor, design, pr, etc.)
  • It felt good to be in the paper for something I accomplished.
  • Being a self-published author is beyond a full time job. Even my sleep is occupied with books and characters. I am always “on”.
  • I’ll do it all over again & again & again, because I fucking love it.



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